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Popular Destinations

Erg Chegaga Sand Dunes


Erg Chegaga sand dunes are located by M'hamid. They might not be so well know as the dunes by Merzouga Erg Chebbi, but they are equally beautiful and offer great desert adventure from Marrakech. 

To visit these sand dunes you need 4x4 WD as you travel through barren area to reach this fine mountains of sand. If you feel like we also suggest to spend several day camel trekking in the region. 

Erg Chegaga, Morocco

Draa Valley

Draa Valley

Draa Valley in Morocco is the longest river valley lined by many palm groves small typical villages of Nomad or Berber origin. The stretches of the valley are beautiful especially just before Zagora. The valley is well known in Morocco for the dates that are the highest quality.




Draa Valley, Morocco


Essaouira on the old days called Mogador is an 18th century town, enclosed by medieval looking battlements, facing a cluster of rocky offshore islands and sandy beach. It is an ideal place to windsurfing and kitesurfing if you like this type of adventure. You can also ride camels on the beach. 

 The cosmopolitan mixture of different influences makes it a wonderful place to explore - and it is full of visual surprises. Take a leisurely stroll along the ramparts; visit the little workshops that specialize in ornate inlaid work using thuya wood - a local conifer, although it should be pointed out that the thuya tree is fast becoming endangered from over exploitation. The low-key markets and twisting backstreets of the medina are fantastic and for those wanting a bit more space, there is a long sweeping beach on which to stretch your legs

Essaouira, Morocco


Chefchaouen located in the Riff mountains is very impressive town. The city has very much Spanish influence as many Jews and Muslim refugees from Spain come to Chefchaouen. 

The medina is the biggest highlight of the city with its different blue shades colored homes along with white. It has inevitable souks and stalls and is known as friendly and cheapes cities around. You can also consider many hiking trips from there to the Riff Mountains. 

The architecture has strong Andalusian character.

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Dades Valley

The valley of Dades is the most desolate of the southern valleys. This makes the oasis in the valley even more impressive and astonishing then in Skoura or Tinerhir.  The main gateway to the valley is from Boumalne Dades where you travel along the Tamnalt Hills of weirdly shaped mountains created over centuries long weathering of wind and the river. The views are spectacular with dotted by deserted and crumbling Kasbah. The Dades Gorge is impressive gorge carved the the almost non existent river of Dades. Travel the road of windy red and mauve rock to reach the gorge. 

Dades Gorge, Morocco


Volubis is the old Roman ruins sight in Morocco. The Roman Empire here lasted over two centuries and was destroyed by the earthquake. There are so many of the beautiful ruins still remain particularly the intact mosaic work that is so worth of discovery here. The land around the sigh is the most fertile of North Africa and the city itself exported wheat and olives in big quantities to Rome. 

There are plenty of guides available to hire front of the sight if you are interested. 

Volubis, Morocco


Zagora probably not the most attractive cities of Morocco. It is rather administrative city, but has a great location to many sights. From here it is a short drive to M'hamid or even to the sand dunes of Erg Chigaga. Just before Zagora you can discover the most stunning parts and beautiful views of the Draa Valley. This valley is lined by many date palm groves and small mud brick Berber and Nomad villages. You can easily take a walk in the valley and find yourself amid the palms and oasis of cultivation. 

There are also plenty of festivals taking places in Zagora

Zagora, Morocco


Taroudant located in the citrus rich Souss Valley is known as "little" Marrakech. It is considered as one of the most elegant towns in Morocco. The city has great location for trekking the surrounding mountain ranges of Sirwa or High Atlas Mountains. 

The city is circulated with tawny brown walls and know for its Berber market with its good nature bustle. In spite of its good location it has been considered as Imperial City only for little one by the Saadians till they move to Marrakech and made Marrakech as the capital of their country. 

Taroudant, Morocco

Ouzoud Wateralls

The waterfalls of Ouzoud are the most spectacular in Morocco, their view of waterfalls falling into pools in a lush green valley that remains invisible till the last moment. It is favorite destination for a day trip from Marrakech. In spite being featured in many brochures about Morocco the atmosphere is till laid back and relaxing. There are plenty of cafes and restaurant where one can sit and enjoyed the spectacle of the walls. There are also plenty of treks  and paths that are inviting for short walks in the region. You can also see the Barbary apes and plenty of bird species in the area. 

If you decide to spend the night, you are welcome to spend in in several riads built in the location 

Ouzoud Waterfalls, Morocco


Tangier use to be one of the stylish resorts on the Mediterranean. Even today it is busy time as it attracts many Moroccans for holidays as well as one day trip visitors coming by ferries from Spain. 

It is city mainly known as the easy gateway from Europe as it has two ports where tourists arrive from Spain. It also host international airport too. 

The city itself has old medina worth stroll, beautiful beaches inviting for swim and outside the city one can head to visit the Spartel and Hercules caves known for the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea meets and beautiful lighthouse. 

Tangier, Morocco