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Exploring Tourism in Morocco
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Morocco Popular Places to Visit

Talassemtane National Park

Talassemtane National Park is a national park in the Rif region of Northern Morocco. There are numerous trekking opportunities of various durations in the vast 580-sq-km Talassemtane National Park, which begins just outside Chefchaouen. The name means ‘cold spring’ in Berber. Some popular destinations include the small villages of El-Kelaâ and Akchour, and God’s Bridge, a natural formation that looks

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Chefchaouen, Morocco

Semmarine Souk

Imagine a narrow, sinuous street lined with overflowing food displays. You get a sense of abundance and the sounds of animated bargaining ring through the air like a joyous racket. There's no mistaking it – youare right in the heart of one of Marrakesh's famous souks! Traditional arts are showcased in these markets. Duck under a gate and find yourself in

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Marrakesh, Morocco


Tinghir or Tinerhir is a city in the region of Drâa-Tafilalet, south of the High Atlas and north of the Little Atlas in southeastern Morocco. It is the capital of Tinghir Province. Authentic destination bursting with myriad wonders that will take your breath away. The unbelievable variety of landscapes, ranging from deserts to green valleys, must be seen to be

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Tinghir, Morocco


Midelt, Errachidia welcome you to eastern Morocco. These two cities are your introduction to mountainous terrain with the beautiful scenery formed by the Middle Atlas range, a majestic setting that enchants and bewitches. This was also the start and end point for the caravans that once carried food to Timbuktu. Eastern Morocco is full of curiosities, so surrender to its mountains

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Errachidia, Morocco


Fez radiates a unique aura. This imperial city is the custodian of 13 centuries of Moroccan history. Meknes has a rich, prestigious past and harbors marvelous surprises. Walk through the walls that guard the celebrated Medina of Fez, whose outstanding universal value has been recognized by UNESCO. Meander along the streets of the Fes-El-Bali district. The Bab Boujloud Gate is the

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Fes, Morocco


Perched at over 5,413 feet, Ifrane shows off Morocco's heights, showcasing the Atlas Mountains and their glorious peaks. It often surprises visitors with the quality and quantity of Moroccan experiences on offer. Enjoy the still lakes and raging waterfalls that empty their chilly waters into the valleys, which are surrounded by the world's biggest cedar forest. These trees form solemn

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Ifrane, Morocco


Extend your explorations in Morocco with a trip to Azilal. The beauty of this city in the heart of the Atlas Mountains is further enhanced by the sublime natural surroundings. Azilalhas showcased its living culture, crafts and architecture to develop a sustainable, fair ecotourism industry that you'll love. Come and enjoy its rich, diverse cuisine with dishes like Berber couscous, fish

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Azilal, Morocco


Saidia shows you the part of Morocco where the protected Mediterranean laps the shore with warm, blue waters, where families and friends gather. But if you get an urge for urban explorations, head to Oujda and delight in its architectural heritage and unspoiled medina. Nearly nine miles of white, sandy beaches run along the sea under a generous sun that shines

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Oujda, Morocco


The imposing silhouette of the Kechla as the waves of the Atlantic crash into its walls: this is but one of the many scenes to behold in Safi. For five centuries now, the fortress has stood guard at the ocean's edge. Its tall, notched towers serve up unbeatable views of the surrounding area. Come here to admire the waterfront and

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Safi, Morocco


Dakhla is a heavenly town in southern Morocco, lost between the waters of the Atlantic and the sands of the Sahara.Dakhla is a gateway to the desert and to sub-Saharan Africa, but, above all, it is a gateway to paradise! It is a place whose pleasures should be devoured. There are miles of beaches throughout the city that give you

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Dakhla, Morocco