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Agadir, Morocco

The city of Agadir together with the neighbouring cities of Inezgane and Aït Melloul was estimated in 2013 to have 609,088 inhabitants.According to the 2004 census, there were 346,106 inhabitants in that year and the population of the Prefecture of Agadir-Ida Outanane was 487,954 inhabitants.

Agadir is one of the major urban centres of Morocco, the seventh-largest conurbation of the country after Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Marrakesh, Meknes and Tangier. The population density is quite high.Three languages are spoken in the city: Tashelhit (first language of the majority), Moroccan arabic and French. 

The city was destroyed by an earthquake in 29th February 1960; it has been completely rebuilt with mandatory seismic standards. It is now the largest seaside resort in Morocco, where foreign tourists and many residents are attracted by an unusually mild year-round climate (18°c  &nd 23°). Since 2010 it has been well served by low-cost flights and a haighway from Tangier. The city attracts all walks of life; it has had an annual growth rate of over 6% per year in housing demand while housing production barely exceeds 3.4%.

The mild winter climate (January average midday temperature 20.5 °C / 69 °F and good beaches have made it a major "winter sun" destination for northern Europeans countries.

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