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Safi, Morocco

The imposing silhouette of the Kechla as the waves of the Atlantic crash into its walls: this is but one of the many scenes to behold in Safi. For five centuries now, the fortress has stood guard at the ocean's edge. Its tall, notched towers serve up unbeatable views of the surrounding area. Come here to admire the waterfront and the bustling animation of everyday life in this provincial capital.

The potters' district will also catch your eye. Here the artisans work enthusiastically over their wheels to craft wondrous pieces in terra cotta and clay that are then displayed in their shop windows and stalls. After all, Safi is one of Morocco's top cities for ceramics and its streets are the point of origin for many beautiful mementos destined to become charming souvenirs.

From the highest points on the Kechla, let your eye travel up to the old medina. The labyrinth of its narrow alleyways exude mystery and beckon you to a stroll. The souk lies a bit further—youcan probably hear echoes of the market sounds or catch a whiff of the smells. Just behind you, listen to the roar of the waves: they make quite an impression here. Safi is an internationally known surfing spot.

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